Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Photo Shoot

I've been awful at blogging recently due to finishing second year of uni, getting uni work and packing, etc...

Here is an example of some university work.

I study Fashion Communication and Promotion at the University of Huddersfield, I have one year left and thought as people are in the process of going to uni this is a taster of what you might get up to.

The clothes were provided by Leeds retailer Fashion Pony
It was a really great photo shoot at the Armley Mills Museum, such a great place to shoot with perfect settings.


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Clothes: fashionpony.co.uk

Photographers: Ally Gilpin and Becca Wilson
Model: Lyndsey Craine
MUA: Karis Doherty
Hair: Lindsey Rogers
Stylists: Lauren Kent and Alexandra Wigley
Illustrations: Lauren Kent and Alexandra Wigley

This shoot was created by: Lauren Kent, 
Alexandra Wigley, Lizi Legge and Sophie Allen.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Natalie Lines Illustration

Natalie Lines is an amazingly talented Illustrator from Birmingham. Her fashion illustrations are gorgeous; the delicate and graceful sketches digital enhanced to create breathtaking pieces.
I came across her on her esty shop and she is truly talented. 
It was only fair to share her with you.

She has previously designed work for many glossies, such as Instyle, Comapny and Nylon magazine.

Also previously working with fashion brands such as Dorothy Perkins and House of Fraser; this is definitely an illustrator to watch out for!

For enquires and Commissions please contact:

Telephone: 07773050889

Twitter: @NatalieLines
Purchase prints from: