Monday, 12 November 2012


Jennifer Joint 20, featured in top reality TV show Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model making it into cycle 8.

Leaving after week 5, not bad considering she never thought she'd make it into the house! When I saw her in the house, I loved her spunky attitude and stunning strong features. I asked her a few questions about the model hunt.

I would love to know, would you advise people to go on BINTM?
I would advise people to go on the show, if they knew they were going to win! Aha.

Her punk demeanour is momentary with her enthusiastic and frivolous outlook. Jen comments on her hair as a 'cut or leave' situation at the makeover stage.

What first got you into modelling?
I was first interested in modelling when I lived in Spain; my parents were always really supportive as well so that gave me a good push. Unfortunately, I never managed to pursue it far, but then better opportunities arose when I moved back to England.

What did you learn from BINTM?
I mainly learnt to have more confidence in myself when I walk onto a set. What shapes to make with my body that are flattering for the camera.

The judges for BINTM are 'the Body' Elle Macpherson, noted top fashion designer Julien MacDonald, the ever-stylish Whitney Port and gorgeous Tyson Beckford.

What were the judges like?
The judges were quite distant from us, and only really judged our pictures. They offered some help but not great insight.

Who were you closest to in the house?
I was closest to Anne, me and her really clicked and I was really sad when she left.

What was your favourite moment in BINTM?
I think one of my favourite moments was when we got to do a shoot with Rizzle Kicks for Company magazine, that was amazing!

Overall, what was your worst moment on the show?
One of the first shoots we did by John Rowley, where we were on harnesses.
It was awful, blood just left my head and I almost fainted.

Who was your favourite photographer or shoot?
My favourite shoot was either the Rizzle Kicks shoot, or the Gentlemen's Club editorial, which was very androgynous. I think I did quite well on that one.
BINTM created shoots that would normally be impossible or very improbable.

What opportunities had the show given you?
Being on the show hasn't really opened doors, but it has given me a bit more publicity than most start up models get.
I think this is just the beginning of Jen in the modelling world.

Photographed by Nicole Jopek.
Styled by Lauren Kent, Johanna Bras and Laura Mann.

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Having worked with Jeremy Scott in LA, John Galliano and Dior in Paris, Claire Baxter is more than qualified. Her individual collection ‘These are hard times for dreamers’ is intricate with elaborate embellishments and strong digital prints.
A tongue in cheek collection with dice prints, rabbit tails, completed with bunny ears garlanded with jewelled earrings.
Claire’s collection is a haze of glitter, feathers and dazzling diamonds, creating an instantaneous impact.
Previously a stylist for events in PR, her excessive OTT side to fashion is apparent. Taking inspiration from pole dancers, playboy bunnies and show girls the jewelled body suits and printed pieces exemplified with bold extravagant shoulders come to life.
An iconic paradox of humour and culture. Addressing and undressing cultural themes of money power and luck. This designer is undeniably one to watch.

 Photographer Richard Mayfield and Make up Artist Louise Matthew.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Burberry Prorsum SS13

As I headed to London I was unaware of what I would see would it be a bold print a la Mary Katrantzou, a lilac sensation such as Temperly?
I was unaware, however I did know one thing I expected.
A new reveal of the SS13 Burberry trench coat.
With high expectations I headed to Kensington Gardens.
The host of a beautiful marquee for the Burberry Prorsum SS13 lfw show.
The back of the runway was filled with a pretty London city skyline (complete with Burberry stores) fitting in with the popup invites it was only fitting that the back of the catwalk was the same, however with a moving clock.

A smart ivory carpet hosted the walkway into the show with the compulsory separate walkway for the rich and famous.

When I walked in Jo Elvin was sat on the front row, looking fabulous I might add. I have to begrudgingly admit, I was genuinely star struck, so being super cool I awkwardly smiled and tottered off!

The show seemed to be all about the rich and famous taking centre stage with the beautiful Dita Von Teese, Harry Styles, Andy Murray and his girlfriend Kim Sears, Samantha Cameron and the queen of fashion Anna Wintour herself. 

Back to the fashion though, Christopher Bailey stand and take a bow. The rich choice of colours were fueled by textures and volume. Everything was sophisticated, simple and slightly sexy.
Yes you heard me, sexy!

The bum cheeks were out!
With short shorts shocking the viewers.
(Before everyone reaches for the hotpants remember classy is the only way to wear these bad boys)

The sumptuous fabrics created strong looks with it centering the waist. Clinching in the waist with a corset or a tying the trench with a belt to create a lady like figure. 
The cape is back although in a mini version that falls just below the shoulders for the chld in every woman. Say hello to the capelet!

The trench is still here except in a range of metallic rainbow colours, choose to your mood.
So don't go chucking any metallic out of your wardrobe just yet!
A subtle ombre and sizzling perspex bags are a must have!

Green is the colour of a Burberry SS 13.

It's intriguingly flattering and oddly compelling to see a new colour take the limelight.
('scuse the pun)
As a sea of green took to the runway the palette was vast from emerald greens to a city khaki, a pretty turquoise transcending to the ultimate greenest of greens.

All in one colours created bold and dynamic outfits.
With two tones recreated but with more spice and style.
The colours were rich and stood out amongst the original opening white outfit.
Dazzling hot pinks, deep purples, subtle lilacs, powerful reds,
the stunningly bold burgundy, peacock petrol blue, tangy orange and the proud London gold created an intoxicatingly colourful catwalk.
However natural hues of camel, white, ivory and brown didn't fade into the background.

Burberry has done London and British fashion proud.
Showcasing our diverse and dynamic attitude to colour, fashion and life.






Note to self:
I have to say I was naively surprised by the amount of Burberry trenches in the audience.
Not in the front row! I myself thought people wouldn't be that obvious would they?!?!
Yes. Yes they would.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Avons Moroccan Argan Oil Review

I've heard a lot about these but they've always been way out of my price range.
This was from Avon for under £4!

I've gone from dark to blonde so I've been borderline obsessive trying to salvage my hair. 
You only need about three pumps of it and it doesn't make it greasy just shinier, softer and healthier. 
I've had a lot of compliments since I've used it, so it must be working. Its a leave in treatment so don't wash out its perfect for the ends of hair.
 (I wouldn't put it near the roots)
I'll definately be buying some more!!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bargain Hunting

Being a student and more specifically a fashion student, you are constantly on the lookout for a cheaper alternative, a voucher code or a flash sale.
 It is important to find sites that help fuel this human necessity!! 
(I prefer to shop online as its cheaper and easier with the luxury of being at home.) 
The best site I find to help with codes and sale exclusives is with offers on all the top high street stores that I can't afford in my penniless state.
An amazing massive selection of handmade, gorgeous jewellery at a very cheap price.

Needs i say more?

Perfect for the more expensive taste with designer and high-end high street brands on offer at a fraction of the price. With designers like Vivienne Westwood, See by Chloe and Nicole Farhi being regularly featured. Top site for presents for the parents!

I regularly shop at LOVE for all the choice and good deals whether it be 
15% for all students, or 2 for £20/ 2 for £40 dresses! 
And lots of sale items.
Plus free postage which is a massive bonus!

Are there any sited you use for its bargains or secret sales?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer Sales Haul

I got back from a gorgeous week in Cornwall to spontaneously booking a week to Tenerife in September. 
So excited for the Siam Park, it sounds amazing!! 
Also it is supposed to be ridic.. hot!
Here's a few sale buys towards my holiday wardrobe.

Head to NEXT for any bikini.
 I always mix and match I think they look more flattering and these are cheap as chips! The bikini top is £3 and was £12 and the bottoms are £2! Yes £2! I love the bikinis here because they are sized to bra size rather then a 10, 12 and so on.. 
A definite holiday bargain! 
Hurry as the popular sizes always go first.

I'm not a massive fan of Dorothy Perkins clothes as many of my purchases seem to have had extremely shoddy sewing and not lasted longer then a week. However they have surprised me with the choice of jewellery they have to offer in the sale. 
The white sequin collar is £1!! I love it and the pastel necklace was £2, it also came in a longer version.

Matalan have also really come along way recently with what they have on offer. I've been wanting an envelope clutch forever! 
This blue beauty is £4 and was £8.

Primark have a decent sale with the mirror print being a big trend at the moment, this pretty skirt was only £5. There was alot of cheaper ones but the fabric for this is alot more forgiving and less 'cheap looking'

Have fun in the sales....

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

want list*

Here are some amazing pieces I have my eye on.
Hint hint Danny ;)

1. My favourite dress ever!
I need this Jones and Jones Poppy Dress/Cream in my life. £60.00 

2. I keep seeing these on various amazing bloggers! I am intrigued to these dupe Glamorous Disco Pants

On sale for £36.00

5. Rianna Philips handmade



On sale for £10.00!!


8. Another Glamorous want! With these Paisley Print Pink Shorts

On sale for £10.79

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Uni House Move 3

I thought I would share some pictures with you of my new house.
On this crazy weekend we moved out of a 6 bed room house to a two bed with just the other half. (God help me!) 
I came to realise how much STUFF I have!
Here is how the house looks now thanks to my mum and Danny's mum, 
we've made it abit more homely.
Also there was a rainbow on the way back from a much needed pub meal!(Coincidently placed at the top of my street)

My gift from the lovely guys at Matalan.  
At the Manchester Blogger Carat event which gave us some great advice on monetizing your blog.
So expect some changes soon!!

You can buy this gorgeous holiday bag here
The A/W lookbook for Matalan really surprised me, there was some great pieces at great prices! Which sold it for me, being a student Topshop is far too pricey.
Next on my bag list is this bargain for £8!

Making use of all my magazines on our coffee table which was £3.50 from IKEA!
As you can tell I have a slight obsession with candles and fairy lights. Any homeware bloggers I would love your links for some more ideas for our new house!

Saturday, 16 June 2012


My first OOTD. 
I had to share this LOVE dress as the print screams Mary Katrantzou! Who I would never be able to afford, so this is my compromise. I love the colours and it brightens up my day when its typical Brit weather.

I've been really nervous about doing a OOTD as many bloggers are gorgeous looking models and to quote Bridget Jones
'She's got legs up to here! My legs only come up to here!'
So be nice! :)

I have finished my second year of uni and have one year left,
thank god!
So I can concentrate on blogging once again.
Slightly panicking at the thought of my case study and considering coming up with some ideas over summer. Any words of wisdom?

Shirt Dress - LOVE 
Metallic Jumper - tkmaxx
Boots - H&M

P.S. I'm in the LONG process from dark brown to blonde and it is taking FOREVER, hence the 'ginger copper tones.'
For anyone considering this hair decision, don't do it!!