Saturday, 16 June 2012


My first OOTD. 
I had to share this LOVE dress as the print screams Mary Katrantzou! Who I would never be able to afford, so this is my compromise. I love the colours and it brightens up my day when its typical Brit weather.

I've been really nervous about doing a OOTD as many bloggers are gorgeous looking models and to quote Bridget Jones
'She's got legs up to here! My legs only come up to here!'
So be nice! :)

I have finished my second year of uni and have one year left,
thank god!
So I can concentrate on blogging once again.
Slightly panicking at the thought of my case study and considering coming up with some ideas over summer. Any words of wisdom?

Shirt Dress - LOVE 
Metallic Jumper - tkmaxx
Boots - H&M

P.S. I'm in the LONG process from dark brown to blonde and it is taking FOREVER, hence the 'ginger copper tones.'
For anyone considering this hair decision, don't do it!!