Thursday, 20 June 2013

The 5:2 Diet!!

  • I've never been a dieting kind of person, with a healthy balance between salads and some naughty treats through out the week. I have a weakness for carrot cake and all things chocolate. However wanting an achievable diet I was seduced by the coverage of the 5:2 diet and decided to give myself a challenge. It seemed easy enough and the results from reviewers seem to good to not try.

    In simple terms the diet is where for 5 days you have 2000 calories and try and eat slightly healthy. Then on two days in a row you have 500 if you're a woman and 600 for men. Then reap the benefits of fasting.
    This sounded ideal for me planning for a bikini body where all the gym classes in the world only seem to be toning me up. (I recommend Fitness Pilates to anyone wanting help in that department.) Now as a dieter novice I looked for meals I could have, cos a girl's got to eat right?! 
    It sounded simple enough, a example of a day meal plan of mine is a sachet of Quakers Porridge or a Banana, Weight Watchers Soup for dinner with a slice of plain wholemeal bread and a Youngs Cod in Parsley Sauce (101 calories!!) it said on the meal plan with lettuce... but I went for green beans and some ground black pepper.
    Day one was a real test, the sugar tooth started craving all things good so I had a ton of water and no added sugar cordial to excite my day!
    Being me I didn't weigh myself before so I'm not sure what the verdict is yet but I'll keep you updated. However my boyfriends dad is braving the 5:2 diet with me and he lost 8 pounds in his first week!!
    It does get a bit tedious when your smug boyfriend sits there eating pizza in front on you. But in two days you can have pizza! (Maybe a few slices, not the whole thing)
     I'm still eating healthily on my 5 days opting for eggs and wholemeal toast for breakfast, salads in the day and a Mushroom Stirfry or Wholemeal Spaghetti Bolognaise minus the garlic bread for tea. And I have to say I'm feeling better..
                ... and dare I say it lighter?! 

    A  few tips for people struggling: 
    # Raspberries and blackberries are 1 kcal per one so if you need a snack, a handful of these are perfect on the 5:2 diet!!
    # There are some great meals on this link
    #Get yourself on the GRAZE hype, these snacks are a god send!

    Good Luck!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

NEXT Blogger for GFW 2013

Next had a competition to take bloggers to Graduate Fashion Week.
It was a great surprise and Ellie from NEXT and Tash from JAM were such great hosts.

The other blog winner was Amber and blogger guest Ngoni(NRC).
Both of their blogs are incredible and they are truly amazing ladies.
Although Ambers tales of motherhood have scared me!
We all met at Byron where we had the biggest feast!
I had an amazing Byron burger, which I recommend to all! And the biggest Oreo Milkshake!
We then rolled our way to Earls Court.
It was great to see my work at GFW, with my Uni Stand for the University of Huddersfield.
Here is some shameless promotion with our contact sheets created by Milly Mae Van Os.

Zara Martin and Henry Holland were the hosts for GFW and I must say Zara Martin is just flawless!

 The George Gold Award was won by Lauren Smith from the Edinburgh College of Art.
Roland Mouret stated it as an emotional collection.
The collection was beautiful with gorgeous use of colour, fabrics and silhouettes.
The structured fities lines with stylish prints and a Japanese twist.

The Winner of the Womenswear Award was Hannah Williams from UCA Epsom.
Her collection was simple and exaggerated. 
Muted tones mixed with strong silhouette shapes created a contemporary collection.

 The Zandra Rhodes Textile Award Winner was Kirandeep Bassan of Northampton University.
Her collection was bold and hypnotic with bright colours.

The Menswear Award Winner was Shauni Douglas & Olivia Creber from the Edinburgh College of Art.
Their memorable collection was emphasised with the playful, long moustaches.


The Stuart Peters Visionary Knitwear Award Winner was Thea Saunders from Nottingham Trent University.

Hilary Alexander presented the incredible Suzy Menkes with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

I'm just going to have a quick DAVID GANDY moment!!
The man, the model, the vision. And it has to be said he is one handsome chap.

FROW - Zandra Rhodes, Hilary Alexander, David Gandy, Todd Lynn,
Fiona Lambert, Suzy Menkes and Roland Mouret.

Zandra Rhodes left in an humble manner, driving herself in Peugot 106.
I left on a train, occupied with my George and Company goodie bags.

 A last thankyou to NEXT for making it such an unforgettable day! Thanks Guys :)
George at ASDA did such an amazing job at gfw this year!
Unfortunately I didn't leave with David Gandy but his loss, ey ;)

Unfortunately, I only found my camera half way through and I apologise to you for my awful photography.
Head over to for some genuinely good images.

Monday, 3 June 2013


 ASOS @ PRIMARK £17 / TOPSHOP £48 / HOBBS £299
Furthering my last post this is the next outfit choice.
The Summery Dress, is if we're EXTRA lucky this year to have amazing weather. The dresses I have chosen are a range of styles and cuts, all abit different. My favourite is the Budget Topshop option. 

Also all of thse option are perfect for wedding season and any fancy occasions you want to WOW at ;)