Thursday, 20 June 2013

The 5:2 Diet!!

  • I've never been a dieting kind of person, with a healthy balance between salads and some naughty treats through out the week. I have a weakness for carrot cake and all things chocolate. However wanting an achievable diet I was seduced by the coverage of the 5:2 diet and decided to give myself a challenge. It seemed easy enough and the results from reviewers seem to good to not try.

    In simple terms the diet is where for 5 days you have 2000 calories and try and eat slightly healthy. Then on two days in a row you have 500 if you're a woman and 600 for men. Then reap the benefits of fasting.
    This sounded ideal for me planning for a bikini body where all the gym classes in the world only seem to be toning me up. (I recommend Fitness Pilates to anyone wanting help in that department.) Now as a dieter novice I looked for meals I could have, cos a girl's got to eat right?! 
    It sounded simple enough, a example of a day meal plan of mine is a sachet of Quakers Porridge or a Banana, Weight Watchers Soup for dinner with a slice of plain wholemeal bread and a Youngs Cod in Parsley Sauce (101 calories!!) it said on the meal plan with lettuce... but I went for green beans and some ground black pepper.
    Day one was a real test, the sugar tooth started craving all things good so I had a ton of water and no added sugar cordial to excite my day!
    Being me I didn't weigh myself before so I'm not sure what the verdict is yet but I'll keep you updated. However my boyfriends dad is braving the 5:2 diet with me and he lost 8 pounds in his first week!!
    It does get a bit tedious when your smug boyfriend sits there eating pizza in front on you. But in two days you can have pizza! (Maybe a few slices, not the whole thing)
     I'm still eating healthily on my 5 days opting for eggs and wholemeal toast for breakfast, salads in the day and a Mushroom Stirfry or Wholemeal Spaghetti Bolognaise minus the garlic bread for tea. And I have to say I'm feeling better..
                ... and dare I say it lighter?! 

    A  few tips for people struggling: 
    # Raspberries and blackberries are 1 kcal per one so if you need a snack, a handful of these are perfect on the 5:2 diet!!
    # There are some great meals on this link
    #Get yourself on the GRAZE hype, these snacks are a god send!

    Good Luck!