Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Azzedine Alaia

 Sofia Coppola's wedding dress was a lavender dream; she looked radiant.
The bride and groom looked classy and elegant.
This gives me an excuse to look back at Azzedine Alaia's A/W Couture Collection.
(incase you'd forgotten)

Tailored jackets and suits made of patent snakeskin are so sharp and smart, Green and Burgundy are going to be big this A/W.

Perfect for A/W,  Mongolian lamb complemented by soft velvet and sculpted knits;
Get your 'faux' fur out.

The choice of colours and textures add to the luxe edgy look.
His range of silhouttes varied with shapes evolving from streamlined to bell shapes to fishtail gowns..

 Beautiful sleeveless gown with scalloped neckline and scalloped arm holes.

The 'sexy' version.

Eighties glamour neckline.
(Reminds me of Dynasty)


I adore the floor length edgy fishtail dresses with trianglular fonds!
I love the attention to detail with the change in necklines that create such a different look for each dress.
He may be hitting the headlines for his forward talking and 'bitchy comments,'
however his collection justifies that he does know his stuff.

For more photos and information of this lovely collection head to :

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie

Just seen the long awaited movie and one word...
Will <3
I think its hard to walk out and not fall in love with Will; completely out of his comfort zone in Malia with great consequences.
The clever protagonist falls for a gorgeous blonde bombshell who has a Greek waiter boyfriend.
Jay puts his dead grandfathers money where his big mouth is.
Simon is detemined to get back with Carly at any peril.
And the dancing machine Neil experiments with fake tan and an older model...
Hilarious, not quite as funny as the tv series yet it has been created with the continous cringe factor.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mad Men for Banana Republic

The hit tv show has taken to the high street.
Collaborating to create a neat tailored Mad Men collection inspired by the sixties. Banana Republic will sell a sleek collection that hosts slim tailored suits and Sharp cardigans for men.

Also gorgeous figure-hugging, hourglass silhouette, sixties era dresses for women. I love the colours... by

It will be released to Mad Men fans on August 25th.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Vogue, the september issue.

The beautiful Freja Beha covers the front page in a sequin ensemble. She always gives a good cover.

A enlightening page turner in the turbulent life of John Galliano.

You often see the pressure head designers and its nice to see Vogue not ditching him but supporting him unlike so many. He is a talented man in a world full of pressure.
Kate Moss's wedding dress was gorgeous and ethereal like the old Galliano i's love the Us edition of Vogue with an interview with Kate Moss about her working with Galliano.

Having recently wrote an essay about fashion mavericks and their marks on fashion i found it enlightening and brave of Vogue to talk freely about the issues and pressures that head designers go through.

The continuous side effects of being a head designer seem to result in rehab or suicide.

His actions were inexcusable and there are no justifications except he is in the best place getting help.

 John Galliano was just save in time by his very inappropriate outburst that perhaps saved him from the same ending as the incredible Lee McQueen.

John Galliano, and the fashion houses treatment towards them. Ditched in a time of need by the label that he helped and created great works of art for.

As a fashion student I find it fascinating how the first fashion mavericks would not seem as controversial as modern day innovators. The change has become more controversial and shocking as fashion has evolved.

 There aren't many modern day mavericks left with out a scandal; as each designer is constantly told to out do each other, to create more shocking and exciting catwalk shows. They have to create their own identities of fearless fashion creators, and establishing their own unique catwalk styles.

I think the pressure is obvious with having to be a true fashion maverick and not be ‘in fashion’ but ‘above fashion’. Hopefully we can help designers through times like these and stop other designers heading down the same path.

The fashion is on form- being labeled - 'the big fashion issue' they certainly delivered.

I throughly enjoyed it and it's nice to see vogue have more content then adverts for once.

You can always count on the September issue.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Horrible Bosses Film Review

Horrible Bosses. 

Three friends conspire to kill their bosses with funny results...
One of them thinks he's god gift to women with an asshole of a boss.
One is a sex offender who is in love with his fiance and is slightly camp,
with a bunny boiler nymphomaniac dentist for a boss.
One is a sexless, sleepless, beautiful man with a dictator for a boss.

You need to see this film for starters;

Jennifer Aniston got sexy, with sultry brown hair and a disturbing potty mouth she was a far cry from Rachel Green of Friends

The cast were superb with stella performances; 
with stars such as Jason Bateman, P.J. Byrne, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Day, Jamie Foxx, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis.

I now love Charlie Day, he made the whole cinema laugh continuously. His oneliners and singing performance made this film.

Colin Farrell is straight up funny, playing a coked up, rich boss who has a prejudice against 'fat people' and the Professor X guy with his 'special' wheelchair. 

The comparisons to Hangover are inevitable but I'd tell you to treat it completely different. 

A definite must-see.

Best Makeup Buys.

Best Liquid Eyeliner:
Barry M Liquid Eyeliner Black £4.79
Click to buy whilst your shopping on ASOS

It's a great item and perfect for the Brigitte Bardot look. Or Amy Winehouse homage.
I love my eyeliner and have tried my fair share yet Barry M's triumphs in packaging, long lasting, easy to remove and easy to apply. 

Best Coverage Mascara:
AVON Super Curlacious Mascara £6.00
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A mascara that covers each lash. Great for bottom lashes to create length.
I got mine in an offer for about £3, definitely recommend this product.

Best Lipstick:
MAC Satin Lipstick - SNOB £13.50
 Click to buy this product from the MAC Shop Online

A favourite for celebs such as Drew Barrymore and a lipstick that lasts... finally. 
Lasts for ages and can also be doubled up as a cheek blusher.

Best Powder Blusher:
MAC Powder Blusher - Well Dresses £17.00
 Click to buy this product from the MAC Online Shop

 A great blusher that gives drama and definition to your face.

Best Foundation:
GOSH X-ceptional Wear Foundation -12 Natural $19.00
( American link head to Superdrug for UK Buyers )
 click to go to goshamericas foundation

A great long lasting foundation that covers lightly not pasty or heavy like other foundations.
It also contains E-Vitamin and sun protection.
 GOSH X-Ceptional Wear make-up is also perfume free.

Best Concealer:
Maybelline Coverstick Concealer - Ivory £3.99

Great colour for pale people like me, the pigments are just right. Its creamy texture ensure you need the smallest amount with great coverage making it last longer then the average concealer.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Zara Sale

I tell urge everyone wanting a new outfit yet pinching at their money bag to head over to Zara.
I went to Derby Zara and purchase a gorgeous striped skirt that I eyed up before it was in the sale.
It went from £24.99 to £6.99.
Very nautical and cute.
I love the rope belt and that its not the typical blue white sailor stripe combo.
Definitely be teaming this with a white crisp shirt.
Any other ideas?