Wednesday, 29 May 2013



 MISSGUIDED £13.79 / NEXT £50 / TED BAKER £169 
Graduation is slowly creeping forward. YAY!
And congratulations to us all :) I can't believe how these last three years have sailed by.
So in celebration, this week I'll be picking different styles for graduation outfits with a range of budgets.
My first is the simple pencil skirt and blouse, a firm favourite for graduates wanting a outfit that is simple, effortless yet ladylike. An outfit that won't be (lets say) inappropiate on the day.
I chose a delicate pink pencil skirt and a white top, so you can mix it up with your favourite ...or just the cheapest ;)

Budget is for those of us coming to the end of our student loans!
Blow out for those nearing a pay day or begging their parents to treat them!
I know I'm wishing for BLOW OUT!!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Understated Opulence

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm happy to say I have finally FINISHED my University degree with a crazy two weeks of deadlines. It is so surreal and I'm not quite sure it's kicked in yet.
I thought this would be a great time to show you my latest photo shoot at Bar Maroc in Huddersfield. A real intimate setting with Moroccan settings creating a stylish cool place to hang out, share cocktails and snack on pizzas or crepes.

Shooting again with the amazing Nicole Jopek was fun and this time we created a glossy editorial. For the styling I was given a brief of a ladylike style in the form of suit trousers, sheer blouses and midi dresses in vibrant colours combined with a Middle Eastern twist in the form of statement jewellery which gives a sophisticated finish.

The beautiful make up was by Aisha Queeum and the model, Justina Gunina was just so stunning with a polished look which suited the clothes perfectly. Hopefully this shoot will inspire you to create some stylish outfits from a handful of high street stores.

Trouser and Clutch by River Island

Navy Blouse and Trousers by H&M

Coral Blouse by Matalan
Pink Trousers by H&M

White Blazer by H&M
Embellished Top by Topshop
Trousers by Matalan

Graphic Dress by ASOS

Black Midi Dress by ASOS

White Blazer by H&M
Trousers by Matalan

Graphic Dress by ASOS
All Jewellery from Asian Markets and Photographer's Friends