Friday, 12 August 2011

Vogue, the september issue.

The beautiful Freja Beha covers the front page in a sequin ensemble. She always gives a good cover.

A enlightening page turner in the turbulent life of John Galliano.

You often see the pressure head designers and its nice to see Vogue not ditching him but supporting him unlike so many. He is a talented man in a world full of pressure.
Kate Moss's wedding dress was gorgeous and ethereal like the old Galliano i's love the Us edition of Vogue with an interview with Kate Moss about her working with Galliano.

Having recently wrote an essay about fashion mavericks and their marks on fashion i found it enlightening and brave of Vogue to talk freely about the issues and pressures that head designers go through.

The continuous side effects of being a head designer seem to result in rehab or suicide.

His actions were inexcusable and there are no justifications except he is in the best place getting help.

 John Galliano was just save in time by his very inappropriate outburst that perhaps saved him from the same ending as the incredible Lee McQueen.

John Galliano, and the fashion houses treatment towards them. Ditched in a time of need by the label that he helped and created great works of art for.

As a fashion student I find it fascinating how the first fashion mavericks would not seem as controversial as modern day innovators. The change has become more controversial and shocking as fashion has evolved.

 There aren't many modern day mavericks left with out a scandal; as each designer is constantly told to out do each other, to create more shocking and exciting catwalk shows. They have to create their own identities of fearless fashion creators, and establishing their own unique catwalk styles.

I think the pressure is obvious with having to be a true fashion maverick and not be ‘in fashion’ but ‘above fashion’. Hopefully we can help designers through times like these and stop other designers heading down the same path.

The fashion is on form- being labeled - 'the big fashion issue' they certainly delivered.

I throughly enjoyed it and it's nice to see vogue have more content then adverts for once.

You can always count on the September issue.