Sunday, 4 November 2012


Having worked with Jeremy Scott in LA, John Galliano and Dior in Paris, Claire Baxter is more than qualified. Her individual collection ‘These are hard times for dreamers’ is intricate with elaborate embellishments and strong digital prints.
A tongue in cheek collection with dice prints, rabbit tails, completed with bunny ears garlanded with jewelled earrings.
Claire’s collection is a haze of glitter, feathers and dazzling diamonds, creating an instantaneous impact.
Previously a stylist for events in PR, her excessive OTT side to fashion is apparent. Taking inspiration from pole dancers, playboy bunnies and show girls the jewelled body suits and printed pieces exemplified with bold extravagant shoulders come to life.
An iconic paradox of humour and culture. Addressing and undressing cultural themes of money power and luck. This designer is undeniably one to watch.

 Photographer Richard Mayfield and Make up Artist Louise Matthew.