Monday, 12 November 2012


Jennifer Joint 20, featured in top reality TV show Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model making it into cycle 8.

Leaving after week 5, not bad considering she never thought she'd make it into the house! When I saw her in the house, I loved her spunky attitude and stunning strong features. I asked her a few questions about the model hunt.

I would love to know, would you advise people to go on BINTM?
I would advise people to go on the show, if they knew they were going to win! Aha.

Her punk demeanour is momentary with her enthusiastic and frivolous outlook. Jen comments on her hair as a 'cut or leave' situation at the makeover stage.

What first got you into modelling?
I was first interested in modelling when I lived in Spain; my parents were always really supportive as well so that gave me a good push. Unfortunately, I never managed to pursue it far, but then better opportunities arose when I moved back to England.

What did you learn from BINTM?
I mainly learnt to have more confidence in myself when I walk onto a set. What shapes to make with my body that are flattering for the camera.

The judges for BINTM are 'the Body' Elle Macpherson, noted top fashion designer Julien MacDonald, the ever-stylish Whitney Port and gorgeous Tyson Beckford.

What were the judges like?
The judges were quite distant from us, and only really judged our pictures. They offered some help but not great insight.

Who were you closest to in the house?
I was closest to Anne, me and her really clicked and I was really sad when she left.

What was your favourite moment in BINTM?
I think one of my favourite moments was when we got to do a shoot with Rizzle Kicks for Company magazine, that was amazing!

Overall, what was your worst moment on the show?
One of the first shoots we did by John Rowley, where we were on harnesses.
It was awful, blood just left my head and I almost fainted.

Who was your favourite photographer or shoot?
My favourite shoot was either the Rizzle Kicks shoot, or the Gentlemen's Club editorial, which was very androgynous. I think I did quite well on that one.
BINTM created shoots that would normally be impossible or very improbable.

What opportunities had the show given you?
Being on the show hasn't really opened doors, but it has given me a bit more publicity than most start up models get.
I think this is just the beginning of Jen in the modelling world.

Photographed by Nicole Jopek.
Styled by Lauren Kent, Johanna Bras and Laura Mann.