Saturday, 28 January 2012

Armley Mills

With University we took a visit to Armley Mills, Leeds Industrial Museum.
As we have an exciting REAL project with the museum, so fingers crossed.... 

It is one of the largest textile museum in the world.  
For more info that will tell you more then I ever could, visit:

It was a interesting insight into the tailoring business.
Here are some interesting images from the museum.

Behind the Seams Exhibition


Natural Legacy Exhibition:

An original demob suit made by Burtons from the archives, however they were unlabelled.
For those unfamiliar with the demob suit it was given to the war veterans after the war as a thank you.
The fourties style three piece suit featured a double breasted suit jacket, a waistcoat with an unappealing lining and turn ups on the trousers.

 And the slightly disturbing images: