Friday, 27 January 2012

Hunger Magazine Review



This bi-annual magazine offers interviews, editorials and a creative mind was launched on November 17th by photographer and publisher Rankin.

Twenty years after the launch of Dazed and Confused, the grungy and arty magazine. Rankin then went on to launch his own quarterly fashion magazine in December 2000, RANK. He also publishes Another Magazine and this lead on to the recent creation of Another Man.

The front cover reads:  ‘for the culturally and visually hungry’ an apt slogan for a creative culturally aware magazine. The four pound price is refreshing for so much content and the lack of advertisements is a breath of fresh air. The audience for this Hunger magazine is creative’s; art and textiles aware and students alike and the fashion industry.

This accessed its niche reader with a print run of 47,000 sold through store Whsmiths; which also stocks a wide range of niche magazines. It is also available in the unlikely Tesco petrol stations store, standing out among the tabloids and gossip magazines. You can also purchase this magazine on the website with a subscription for £8.75 for the year. In line with this website is updated on a weekly basis with exclusive content, filmed interviews, fashion films and more.


The first issue is quintessentially British with the majority of interviews with British actresses, actors, models and personalities. The Launch Issue is aesthetically pleasing, with a gold title ‘Hunger’ dripping as if spray painted by Rankin himself.

A touch of personality has been added to this with every page a strong stylistic edge creating a iconic style with a logo at the end of every interview; which is very impressive for a launch issue.

Every item has been chosen to a high specification. The front cover is art work in itself. There are two covers to available to choose from hosting a male and female star: Sky Ferreira or Rhys Ifans with a haunting, intoxicatingly ‘hungry’ look.

I chose the Sky Ferreira cover which is now a coffee table focal point in my home.

The quality is undeniable with the thick bounding and strong glossy pages. The printing is perfect and the feel of a fashion catalogue. An editor’s letter by Rankin highlights his wit, honesty, pride and modesty for such an elevated and respected personality in the fashion industry.


The first colourful page hosts a ‘What are you hungry for?’ with a short sentence from the main team at Hunger. This leads on to delightfully different profile shots for an ‘Introducing’ page with new talents in the film and television world from models to musicians. The theatre and arts are apparent in this magazine with illustrations being an occurrence in this issue with interesting sketches by Von, Marcela Gutierrez and Quentin Jones.

The ‘Hunger’ offers a sense of exclusivity in its language, its content. Meredith Ostrom: ‘Of the British art world, rarely grants viewing of the creation of her intimate paintings. She allows the Hunger a rare peek.’ There is a stylish element of youth and fun with an article on tattoos, the unexpected news of actress Lucy Liu being a surprising closet artist.


‘Interview One’ features several stars with an interview with cover star Rhys Ifans. The language is like poetry, an eagerness to read. To hear the way the words fall of your lips in an ecstasy of whispers and rhythm. Each sentence has divine emotion and purpose.  Clever language is evident with a twist of the Ten Commandments with Rhys Ifans:                           

‘Thou shall live truly, deeply and madly.

Thou shalt champion the underdog.’

Hunger provides endless insightful interviews with intricate and creative minds. 

An interview with Ray Winestone offers an enchanting personal family photo shoot.

An intoxicating sixties shoot features actress Anna Friel and singer Fionn Regan. Anna wears archive designer clothes which shows a rare encounter with such beauty. You can’t help but feel in awe of the designer clothes that drape around her silhouette. A refreshing interview with Danny Dyer talks about his childhood hero Ray Winestone. Perhaps a slight Rankin intelligence and wit of saying he is in the same class and height as his hero.


Scents are where several designer fragrances are symbolised in a photo shoot, where the perfume notes and description is visualised by an image of a woman.

The fashion category hosts cover star Sky Ferreira where she is asked ‘If music doesn’t work what is your plan B?’ my instant reaction is how brutally honest the question is. Then I return to a little inkling that I have previously seen an interview with singer from Plan B in this magazine.

Erin O Conner is beautiful and feminine in an editorial and interview, capturing images that are intimate. A stunning eighties shoot labelled ‘The Queen of Pop’ features artist Quentin Jones. The graphics and art create a new aesthetic for fashion. The variety is irrefutable with a Diesel showcases their SS 12 collection. Modelled by British actor Dominic Cooper. Which leads to a surprising fashion shoot with Cheryl Cole modelling, then to American star Kelly Rowland in a monochrome dream.


The Hunger hosts an interview with Rankin and Jefferson Hack about Twenty Years of Dazed and Confused. The photo shoots or nothing less then what you would expect from Rankin who has shot for some of the most prestigious campaigns and stars.  The title pages add certainty and knowledge for the reader, there is an unmistakable order. It seems Rankin has made the magazine that finally summarises his personality and his dream. Saying this launch issue is a success is an understatement.