Wednesday, 11 April 2012

DIY Studded Collar.

I was going to create a collar but I saw this red shirt at a charity shop and thought it was too thin too starch. So I added the studs to the corners of the shirt.

This is the ebay store I bought my studs from although they did take about 2-3 weeks till they arrived so don't buy these if you want them instantly:
It was £2.15 for 20 studs with screw backs. 
There is ALOT of choice for studs so have a look. 

At first I thought these may be too big for the shirt but they look fine so don't be put off by the MASSIVE stud. 

Here's what you need: 
Make sure you have enough and you keep the backs in the bag as they are so easy to loose.

Nail Clippers. Yes you heard me right, I slightly pulled the shirt on both sides and didn't cut them and pushed the back through so they were more secure. Feel free to use scissors just don't get too scissor-happy.

Shirt of choice, if you don't have one head to your nearest charity shop.

I didn't use a pen to mark my studs but in hindsight this would have been easier it took me about ten minutes to match up the studs and make sure they were all even.

I decided to start with the corner and work my way up.
I did one side then mirrored the back for the other. 
(I hope they look symmetrical)
Push the back screw through once clipped the area the screw the top till firm.  You can use a screw driver to make sure they don't fall off.

How the back should look:

  The Finished Product:

My next one I'll definitely cut the collar of and create a studded collar minus the shirt. I was going to cover the whole collar but I quite like the corners effect. 
Plus I have eight left!

Good luck creating your own DIY collar!!