Sunday, 19 February 2012

Introducing Rianna Phillips...

Rianna Phillips collection hosts dazzling designs and prints.
Her work was showcased at the Spring Fashion Show and I just had to interview her.

How old are you?

What is your education background ?
I did an Art foundation year and the went on to study
 'Textile Design for Fashion',
 both at Manchester School of Art. I graduated last June.

What are your biggest influences in the fahion world?
A massive amount of my inspiration comes from fashion bloggers.
 I based my final year project at uni on the consumer 'The Blogger'!
 I'm slightly addicted to quirky magazines and have become a permanant fixture at Magma (the book shop) in the northern quarter. I regularly buy Oyster, Pop,, Notion and Cent.

When did you decide fashion was the career field for you?
Whilst doing an Art Foundation year. I had no idea what I wanted to do after that and my tutor suggested a rather new course 'Textile Design for Fashion' that suited my work methods.
 And it was perfect. I've always had an interest in pattern cutting and design as I watched my mum make a lot of mine and my sisters clothes when we little. I think I picked it up from her.

What inspires your design direction with prints?
Colour and texture mainly. Im always looking at nature and then translating that into a surface design. I made a waistcoat covered in Rivets which was originally inspired by sea anemones.

Any big inspirations behind your life?
My close friends really inspire me.
 I'm always analysing how they style outfits and how they wear accessories.

What is next in the pipeline for Rianna Phillips?
I've got a few things lined up. A few photoshoots which I'm really looking forwards to. One of them is a stylised accessories shoot to promote by bags and scarves which are sold on both my website and my etsy shop

I'm also collaborating with designer Mark J.Bell on a digitally printed scarf collection. We have completed opposite styles so I can't wait to see what the outcome is like!
You can see his work at

I've also been working on a digitally printed vest top collection since I left uni, I've put a massive amount of time into it so I can't wait to release it eventually!

Where will we be seeing you next?
There are a few fashion fairs coming up so I will be taking part in them, not sure of the dates yet?!

What is your favourite piece?
Probably the long black sheer dress that has an embellished panel on the neckline.
It's quite simple but a bit of a show stopper!

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(accessory images are from the etsy shop)