Monday, 25 July 2011

FASHION MEDIA PROMOTION - the new black magic by Jayne Sheridan

Some may call it bias, I call it productive.

It gives you great faith being a fashion student, in such a cut throat industry, based in Yorkshire at the heart of the textile revolution, when one of your lecturers, who teaches you reading and writing in fashion, has in fact written her own book.

A book for students, whether it be retail, fashion or textiles.
A book for the fashion industry; for those who might be tempted to a bit of light reading or general recap - an insight into the industry.

Jayne Sheridan surpasses herself. (Although my own lecturer I have to give her, her due)

She covers fashion with several British designers looked at into detail. Such as;
Paul Smith, (a personal favourite of mine for his continuous loyalty to Nottingham)
Vivienne Westwood - looking into her life in the industry, with Malcolm McLaren, which I found very interesting. Yes I do live in the middle of Nottingham and Derby!

She then looks into Parisian designers; the maverick Coco Chanel with her innovative designs which have created a signature look, to this day. Now in the capable hands of Karl Lagerfeld.
And the controversial, flamboyant Italian, Elsa Schiaparelli..

Jayne Sheridan looks at the old and new. She identifies the media and old Hollywood, how society and film has affected fashion.

Enlightening and (a cliche, but got to be said) - a must read!

It will now be avaliable to buy at the V&A.

Also it's Schiaparelli Pink, what's not to love?!