Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fishtail that plait.

I love the Fishtail plait and can now manage it on two minutes.. boom!

(It took me an hour my first go. - Practise DOES make perfect)

First decide your parting, one sided is easiest..
       ..Divide your hair into two bunches (keep in your hands don't bobble),
       ..then take a SMALL section from the left bunch furthest side and wrap under the other bunch then swap.                            ..Take a small section from the far right and cross over to the other bunch carry on wrapping and crossing..
       ..When you have finished secure with a band (any colour you want)
     ..then mess it up with slight backcoming on the ends and tousling to untighten the plait.
   .. then for abit of something extra take the ends of your hair and fold up near the band and secure with a hair grip.

For added oooomphh get the crimpers out and crumpled your roots and ends for catwalk gorgeousness...

Sure mines slightly messy but its sort of 80s one sided grungey cute.
Also, wear a long earring to the opposite side of the plait

I think they look fab and will be wearing them on the beach in zante and sporting them for uni this a/w...

Definatley my new quick fix for hair.

By the way it can make you look seriously young, hence I'm nineteen and look ten.