Sunday, 24 July 2011

RIP. Amy Winehouse and Norway victims.

First let's all not forget the tragedy that has shocked the nation. The unbelievable evil events that have destroyed and claimed Norway's innocent victims. (R.I.P) How sad that one man can create such pain and anger..
truely sickening.
I hope that one day in the future the families will be able to think of their children with smiles on their faces of the memories and beautiful times they had together. We can but only hope.

It seems to be a time of constant bad news, untimely deaths and sick murders, as another young celebrity falls into the undeniable foreseen death.

Amy Winehouse...
         She was a new surge of life with fresh music. She brought the Duffy's and Adele's into the spotlight. She created a mix of the new and old.

She was a style icon in her own right:

"She's a style icon," Lagerfeld said as she he unveiled Chanel's Winehouse-inspired Paris-Londres Maison d'Art show in London in 2007. "She's not only a muse; she's a genius. She's one of the greatest voices today." 

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Her support from fans and friends/family all echo how special she was.

I hope we will one day learn when to step in and stop these young stars from constraining themselves from reality in a lethal mixture of fame, shame, drugs and alcohol...
It seems a endless wheel of talented stars. Not living a full life, some may be on purpose of pressure and some accidents that need to stop happening...

Another added to the top of the list:
Amy Winehouse
Heath Ledger
Stephen Gatley
Brittany Murphy
Marilyn Monroe
Jim Morrison
Jimi Hendrix
Kurt Cobain

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Famous people who died before the age of 40.

I could go on.. time changes yet society doesn't support these talented individuals in a spiral of pain.